Where has the time gone?

Warning: this is going to be a long one

So, I know I sort of set myself up. This daily blogging thing is difficult when working a full time job, owning a business, having a family and all the rest. Hmm that sounds like an excuse, but this is what I learned (yes it’s early in the blog this time) Sometimes the journey is meant to be observed, taken in and to fortify your very bones. Sometimes the journey isn’t meant to place on a billboard.

However…I sincerely apologize for dropping off the map.

What I know is that some of this journey has been almost too intimate to share, or maybe I am just still processing it. I think the reality is that I don’t always possess the words in my vocabulary to fully express what I am learning and how I am growing.

I DO know, without question that I AM growing and learning and thriving in ways I could have never understood before I started this 100 day journey. I DO know that paying attention to the joy, the pain and all of that really is a path to understanding.

I think I have been looking for that big ah ha moment. In reality, I have multiples of them every day. I think before I began this journey I took those moments for granted, or maybe more honestly I never noticed them enough to attach value and meaning. They were there, but I couldn’t see them all that clearly. Now they seem as plain as day.

Each day has given me so many lessons. I feel as though I have been asleep and now I am more clearly awake. I know that the colors of the rainbow are much more plentiful than what I have previously observed. I know so much more than I did 47 days ago.

This is what I have learned:

  1. You cannot get water from an empty well. What a cliché! But the reality is very true. I confess to you that sometimes I pack my life so full that I actually question if I have time to take care of basic needs of life. What a silly person I am. I am much more effective of a human if I take care of my spiritual, physical and emotional grounding. Life is richer, better, more beautiful.
  2. Sometimes along with item #1 I need to let go. Attend impromptu dinners, go for a longer than required walk, sit and watch the sunrise (or set) and just BE in that moment. Resist the temptation to catalog the memory with a photograph. (it’s a hazard of the artist and almost always having a camera in hand.) These moments become the vitamin boost for my life. I used to think I had to document every single one. now I am very aware of the need to infuse my life with them and embrace the wonder all alone.
  3. There is an old saying, what you put in is what you will get out. I think my approach to food is changing. Yep- a brownie tastes great and fills the instant emotional need, but the right balance of more whole foods fuels me. It’s a different ballgame all together. I have actually said, “oh, I am doing really well, I DESERVE that brownie.” No my friends, I deserve good food that will fuel me and balance me and ultimate lead to better health. No, I am not giving up brownies, I am just changing my perspective a teeny bit.
  4. I cannot say it enough- ART IS GOOD. For me, art is part of my spiritual practice. If I do not take the time to make art daily, it is like my prayers are not loud enough, my balance is off, my heart is missing something. But it is not just me! I have witnessed (even in the last week) people in my studio, enter all flustered and concerned. They even disagree with me about how art is just something they admire, not something they are capable of. When they leave (with a completed piece of art), they leave with a renewed spirit, calmer attribute and usually a smile. So it isn’t just me!
  5. Physical activity- regardless of your capabilities is important.  I have been horrible in taking care of the physical vessel I have been blessed with (yes, blessed with) I give in to my pain, I ignore the physical needs and well, I tend to retreat instead of fighting on. I have started to fight a little, begun the battle a bit…. I am better for it. Your body is your holy vessel, if we understood that, we might treat it differently.

There are many more things I have learned- I will share them soon.

For now I just want to wish you the most preciously wonder filled of days.

with great love and peace,


6 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. Stefani

    Good points, all! Funny how these are all things we “preach” to others but fail to tell ourselves sometimes.

    I started meditation last week. I hope it’s a precursor to yoga someday.

    1. Susan Carmen-Duffy Post author

      Thank you, Stefani- I believe that when we start taking a bit of care, it is easier to take a bit more care. I am excited at where this is all leading. One step at a time!
      Yoga at the Hungerford? could be awesome!

  2. Sharon Perry-Ferrari

    Well said! Especially 3 & 5..& oh wait 4, and 1 & 2, LOL YUP! I agree with all of it!
    you are my idol agreeing to this blog, I have saying this for years, so hopefully your inspiration rubs off!
    Shine on you crazy diamond!

    1. Susan Carmen-Duffy Post author

      How funny it is that we all walk such a similar yet unique path. Thank you for your love and support!