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  1. Barbara

    Hi Susan,

    I can’t figure out how to address the beautiful birthday card I just purchased from you when it all shows through the transparent envelope. Also, is there a place I could purchase more if I can solve the addressing situation? Thank you

    1. Susan Carmen-Duffy Post author

      Forgive the delay on my response, I just saw this message. I apologize that you are having issues. I understand completely. The original intent of the design was so that the design showed through a bit. These envelopes were more translucent than planned. If you cut even a sheet of copy paper to 5″ x 7″ it will fit in as a liner. I have changed the envelopes to only use white, brown paper bag or perhaps a color. I am working on my website – Greetings4Good- but also have the gallery Create Art 4 Good (which I believe is where you purchased the card) 1115 E. Main Street – Suite #201 in Rochester. I am open Thursdays (after first Friday) 4-6PM, First Friday, Second Saturday and honestly I am there often after 4pm weekdays. In May I will be releasing 50 new designs!

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