Nine hours later.

Day 1 of 100

So, I am guessing today was follow your heart day. I think sometimes I have difficulty “listening”. Or I allow the art of busy to get in my way. Today, I was working on PR and my websites when I KNEW I needed to take a break and paint. So that is just what I did. I thought I’d paint an hour, maybe two if I was feeling wild. Before I knew it five hours had passed. Before I put the paint brush down NINE hours passed.
When I stood back to look at the painting (it is rather large) I began to weep. Deep breaths…. it was needed.
Painting was good, REALLY good for my soul. It has been so long since I indulged that need. It is clear to me that there need to be MANY more of these days. I NEED to listen to my heart.
I hope your day was good for you- soul inspiring.
with love and peace,