I know, I know, it seems like half the blogs on this website have been about me apologizing that I have not blogged in forever. So much has happened of late. I have had two surgeries, one for potential breast cancer (I am good, thank you) and for my foot- woah.. who knew how much fun that one would be?! I have had losses, too many funerals, and joys- my husband is currently engaged in a new challenge, which seems to occupy much of my heart and head.

a watercolor mandala that was used as a meditation. live in this moment


So when you make the decision to leave your fulltime position to pursue your much wished for art career, things get all jumbled. First, when you take “the day off to make art” is that really work? or just soul work? Is attending a museum or working on researching a new project play? or restoration?
These and many more questions have plagued me as I flesh out my new path. I find this journey both frightening and exhilarating, crazy and calm, and life-giving.
The insecurity of not having a 9-5 has surprised me. We fight so long against being told what to do and how to do it, but there is comfort there.
Yesterday, I spent about an hour fighting with myself about what the day should accomplish. Should I spend time marketing, researching and planning? Or should I “take the day off”, put a paintbrush in my hand and explore. I am happy to say that the exploration won. I created with semi intent. (I have a mandala exhibit in November and wanted to make art for that- but then, I want to make mandalas MOST days! )
Eventually, I picked up a paintbrush, collage material, scissors and went to work. IT WAS AN AMAZING day! I listened to podcasts – they were great! (but the giggling and the annoying voices were sometimes really a distraction- note to self, do not giggle on your serious podcast) At the end of the day, I accomplished MUCH- I felt like I had worked, just differently thank that old faithful 9-5.
So I am telling you all of this because today, I wish you the courage to follow your own beautiful heart. Create, walk, go swimming, drive to the lake, do something that is good for you! Taking a breath fortifies us. Have the courage to do so today.
Much love!

Life is complicated, life is messy. just love