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Gratitude has changed my life.

I remember a day not so long ago (really it is about twenty years) where I called my mom to share (insert whine) about my horrible day. Driving with my youngest (who was about two at the time) I was in TWO car accidents in less than an hour, blew up someone’s mail box (by not being able to stop on a steep and very icy road), ran over a squirrel (UGH, I am NOT A MURDERER!) and had the basement flood.

Right… it was a bad day

How did my mother respond, you ask?

“What are you grateful for?”


She repeated the question.


She waited patiently for my response. I could almost hear her pen tapping the table while she waited for me to get over my shock at her question. You see I was just looking for a little bit of empathy. This days was a day NO ONE would ever believe, yet I had just lived through it.


She then went on to support the reasons for her question. Damnit, she was right. I had a LOT to be grateful for. (I still had horrible guilt about the squirrel though)

No one got hurt in those accidents, the mail box and car could be fixed, I actually got to throw out a lot of useless stuff from the basement… sigh

She was right. AGAIN

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In my life, I have faced many dragons. Some of those “dragons” include depression. While depression is one of the worst kinds of darkness I have ever faced, gratitude is one of the brightest of lights. On the darkest of days I am still able to touch the stars that are gratitude for me. There IS always something.

This is perhaps one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. It has literally saved my life. I am grateful for this lesson. I practice the art of gratitude daily. It is because of this I recognize what a rich woman I am. No, there are not millions in the bank- there are however, countless reasons I am deeply blessed. My life is wonder filled.

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