a new 100 days

Life gets oh so busy and well, we get distracted – we fill up our days with MORE busy and…. then we lose ourselves.

100 days

For me, 100 days is a journey of the soul and spirit with a heavy side of reality. For me, it is about being the most authentic version of myself that I can be. For me it is about being whole, not distracted, not addicted to busy or any other thing that helps ME be the fullest version I can of ME.

I feel like I have let this attitude slide of late. Somehow a busy life becomes a more busy life and well,…. it is easy to allow that to take over.

Today I am taking a step back (being sick probably helps that motivation) to embrace my 100 days again. So… I am beginning anew! TODAY is day 1 of my next 100 days.

I am going to report to you as often as I feel able on my progress. I don’t want to add in a stress, but do want to share my journey.

My intent is to simplify, embrace the wonder AND allow my heart to lead just a little more. I invite you to join me, or just observe. Whatever works for you. No stress, no pressure- just an invitation to shed away what is stopping you from embracing the most wonder filled, authentic version of you that is possible.

Today feels like a new day is blooming, the next deeper level of me. I feel hope, I feel vulnerable, I feel spiritually connected.

Time to get busy!
my love to you- always


photo credit Susan Carmen-Duffy                 Copyright 2015-2017 – all rights reserved